Coming Soon!!!

Custom Circuit Solutions LLC has spun off a new company (Arctic Griddle LLC) to manufacture the most reliable, safest, and all around best rolled ice cream pans on the market, known as the Arctic Griddle.

For everyone enquiring about the status of the Arctic Griddle, we just completed our initial UL/NSF design review with Intertek (ETL). While this process set us back several months in our desired production schedule, we believe it was well worth the effort. Obtaining the full UL/NSF certification will still take another 6 months or so but we are planning on starting production of the units immediately. The first units should start rolling off the lines in the next few weeks. However, because each unit is hand built, our initial production volume will be low. The first available units will go to those already on our waiting list. To get on our waiting list please contact us now.

We are still finishing up the website and documentation for the unit but have decided to open up the website so that everyone can begin to read about the best unit available today.